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Is this real life or is it just fantasy?

How our lives have changed in a few short weeks!

For so many this is the time to slow down and look at what needs doing around the home and spend time with our household. Although there are benefits to this, it can also be a very challenging time. Many feel more vulnerable and anxious than they ever have before. This can make us irritable and unsociable, especially as there is no escape. This affects children and young people as well as adults and many find it very difficult to say how they feel. Most people no matter how old or young, don't want to worry or upset anyone. Nor do they want to be told that it'll be alright. When has that made it okay? We can't change they way we feel because someone has said it'll be alright. However, if we can take a little time each day to listen to each other's worries or fears, just to hear and acknowledge them, it can help. However, adults please be careful how you express your worries or fears to your children. They need to know that you have them too, but they also need to have a sense that you are okay with having these thoughts. Discuss these worries together if you feel that it will help, otherwise just acknowledge that it's awful feeling the way they do. End your time with something good or positive that has come out of this situation or that you experienced that day.

It is so important at this time that we acknowledge the good things along with the difficult ones. We can't change it, but we can change how we approach it.

Stay safe and well!

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